Monday, 16 February 2009

Toilet humour

Both girls seem to synchronise their toilet habits fairly often at the moment, which can lead to some rather amusing conversations overheard from outside the bathroom.

This morning both sat doing their business (one on toilet, one on potty) chatting away. Then they start taking it in turn to tell each other 'jokes' like some kind of bizarre parody of a comedy double act. This is something they have really cottoned onto since pulling open several crackers at Christmas.

The favourite starter tends to be a variation of a joke that went: "Why did the apple go to hospital? Because he wasn't peeling very well." Despite the fact that they have recited various variations of this over and over the telling always elicits peals of giggles from both girls each time.

This morning two year old stretched her version into: "Why did the poo go to London? (the poo always makes an appearance at some point in the proceedings) Because he had to go to hospital." Apparently this was hilarious rather than simply surreal.

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San said...

Winnie the POO in the hospital. Don't ask what it means. Just accept the surreal.

Thank you for following my blog. I am going to follow yours.