Thursday, 19 February 2009

The younger woman

I can remember a scene from a film that was always on my favourites list called "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe", in which Kathy Bates' character drives her car repeatedly into a shiny new sports car belonging to two younger, well-preened women. I can't fully remember what prompted this; it was something to do with a parking space I think, but I do remember that as she drove away she shouted out to them something along the lines of: "Why did I do that? Because I'm older than you and I have more car insurance." Now clearly in the face of disastrous climate change I cannot possibly condone this kind of irresponsible behaviour, and in my current financial state I would hardly be crowing about my insurance rates, but I am definitely getting to an age and life stage where I can relate to the sentiments she expressed.

As someone who works and has two young children I struggle to find time for things that might be considered an extravagance, such as getting a haircut for example. Well this week I'd finally got to the point where I can hardly see out through my fringe and as I have been feeling rather frumpy of late I decided to go for it, find time and get a style update. The only time I could squeeze in an appointment though meant I had to ask work if it was ok to stretch my lunch hour, which they were ok about. I recall having a long discussion with the ever-so much younger woman at the hair salon reception desk about when we could find a mutually agreeable time before writing the agreed time in my diary.

So imagine turning up at said salon (this is after realising I had left my purse at home and needed to rush back to get it) only to find out that the lovely younger woman had not even written the appointment in the diary. Grrrr. Did I get an apology? No, just a vague stare and a patronising tone of: "Well I haven't written it down, are you sure we said today?" In my head I replied with an equally patronising tone: "Yes honey we did say today, you clearly were too busy talking to your friend to write it down." Although in reality I left the salon speechless and feeling rather deflated.

Oh well, I guess I have a date with my kitchen scissors to look forward to and will have to find some other way of boosting confidence. Bleargh.


San said...

I am coming to thoroughly enjoy your blog. You have an award over at my place...when you have a chance, please come over and collect it. Make an acceptance speech while you're at it.


San said...

Back to look for a new post, but this was was worth lingering over a second time.

I just love that Kathy Bates scene.

Sally said...

Thanks San, your comments are appreciated x