Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Knock knock it's 2am and other such things

Jaded this evening. My 4 year old chose 2am as a special time for sharing her new repertoire of knock knock and other jokes. Whilst it was utterly sweet and charming (yes, even at 2am) it has left me just an eensy weensy bit tired and grumpy today.

Just had a conversation about swimming lessons with my 7 year old. I was trying to persuade her that she only needed to believe in herself a little more. Rather rich coming from me really but anyway the sentiment was heartfelt.

"I was watching you at the end of the lesson and I could see you trying ever so hard and then grabbing for the side. It was as if I could see you thinking that you can't do it even though you can."

"That wasn't what I was thinking about mummy. I was thinking about willies."

"Willies?" (Trying not to hyperventilate now.)

"Yes, it's just that I always see so many of them at swimming."

Heaven help me.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Come Dine With Me

Things you don't expect to hear from a seven year old: "Mummy, will you come and play 'come dine with me'?"

"Erm, ok, how do we play that then?"
"Well I have to pretend to make you a dinner and then when you're in your taxi going home you give me marks out of ten for how good the dinner was."

I'm pretty out of touch with tv at the moment but apparently she's watched this programme at her grandparents house.

"So what's for dinner then?"
"To start with I've made a special sandwich. It's mustard - pause - hummous - pause - and there's icing on the top."
"Yes well it's definitely not like any sandwich I've ever had before. Mmmm. What's next?"
"Next I made pizza with fruit and vegetables. Some of the fruits are a bit unusual."
"Nice, thanks."
"And for pudding I've made a cake that looks like a torch." (handing me a torch)

I gave her 8/10 for the sandwich, purely for originality, 6/10 for the pizza as the unusual fruits didn't go down so well and 10/10 for the cake, just because cake is cake after all.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

We went a walking

Went for a walk with the girls this morning. The sun was out, we chatted and strolled like, well, a family. It was very nice. Now that my girls have reached an age where we can do this sort of thing I am becoming more convinced that I am just not naturally what you might call a 'baby' person. It was lovely seeing them grow past that bit, but now they are much more like real people and we can do simple things like walk together I feel much more contented.

I have no desire whatsoever to sound as though I am wishing their lives away but now I just need to get to the point where I don't need to accompany them to those things they like to call 'parties'.

Friday, 5 November 2010

More posting please

I promised myself I'd get writing again but am lacking the evening energy.
I hereby promise myself to promise again when I'm feeling a bit more bouncy.
Promise, honest.