Monday, 29 March 2010

Infinity and beyond

I never realised before becoming a parent how quickly the day would come when I could no longer answer my children's questions.

Having foolishly explained the concept of infinity to my six year old after a discussion about really, really big numbers, she then wanted to know whether it was even or odd.

Thanks to the power of google (no they're not sponsoring me!) I can now reveal that as infinity is a concept rather than an actual number it is neither even nor odd.

Hopefully you will sleep better for knowing that, but please don't thank me, thank the joint powers of the mind of a six year old teamed up with the dazzling infinity of this here internet.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Blah blah back sheep

Seem to have lost my momentum a little on the blogosphere. Hope to regain it so will start with a little post and work my way up.

Three year old received a box full of reading-related goodies through Bookstart recently, including a book of nursery rhymes. Always amazes me that no matter how many books with these same rhymes we have, both my girls still love to sit and read them (6 year old) or 'read' them (3 year old).

And I love their own particular take on the rhymes, from three year old's 'blah blah back sheep' to six year old's rock star version of 'Twinkle twinkle' complete with air guitar.... and of course the obligatory: "Your turn now mummy, you know, do it just like a rock star..." Erm, ok then, if you insist.