Friday, 17 July 2009

Tag, you're it.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see I've been tagged with an Honest Scrap Award. One of the great things about setting up this blog that I'd never even considered is that I get to communicate with a range of people right here in the blogosphere.

I've been tagged by the lovely author of halfmumhalfbiscuit, which means I now have to pass on this accolade to 7 other lovely bloggers, and tell you 10 facts about myself. I'll admit I'm a bit unsure about all this so apologies if it doesn't quite look right or work the way it is supposed to. In fact, to be honest I was tagged over at A Life with a View a while back but didn't even realise I was supposed to pass it on (sorry about that!).

So, here goes, I may stick at 6 for now as I'm still new to all this:

1 I have to start with the blog that gave me the idea in the first place, How to be Fit, Rich and Happy

2 And now I'd like to repay the favour offered by A Life with a View just a few moons ago

3 Because her posts are always full of the joy of being a parent there's Ruth at The things our children say

4 Because she provides an inspiration for tough times there's stigmum

5 From another parent who always makes me laugh Boozlebox

6 And from a group of friends who recently saw the film Age of Stupid and were inspired to make their opinions heard there's Climate Chains

Read and enjoy.

Now for ten facts about me. Some of which you may or not already have gleaned.

1. I worry too much.
2. I'm trying really hard to live as sustainably as I can but sometimes I get tired and miserable and so I drive to the supermarket and buy pizza to eat in front of the tv with the girls (shhh, don't tell anyone about that one).
3. I don't watch grown up tv any more. Really, not at all.
4. I probably spend too much time online.
5. If I applied myself I reckon I could make money from writing but see point 4 for one excuse amongst many.
6. I like apples.
7. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm really a mum.
8. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm so lucky as to be a mum.
9. I really would like to be able to stay in bed beyond 6am more than once a month.
10. I find it hard to believe that after 37 years I still only have one friend who likes camping as much as me.

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