Monday, 13 July 2009

Superhero day

It's the last week of the first year at school. What a milestone. As a way of marking this stupendous occasion five year old is allowed to dress up as a 'superhero' and take in 'savouries to share with 6 friends' on Thursday.

Reading this out to her thinking it would be something exciting, the reply comes; "I don't want to dress up."

"Oh. Well, you don't have to."

Later the reason gradually emerges. Superheroes are for boys, obviously.

After trawling the internet for possible girly but brave and tremendous feminine superheroes, and also speaking to my sagacious sister (who has two boys and therefore knows infinitely more than I on the subject of superheroes) I try approaching the subject the following morning at breakfast time.

"I've been thinking about your party. You could be Supergirl. What superpower would you like to have, flying? running fast? juggling?"

"AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! (Actually it was louder and more blood-curdling than that in reality) I DON'T WANT A MUMMY!!!"

Hmm. Maybe my timing was wrong.

"I could make you a cape." (Sounding a bit desparate now.)

"Really? Can I have a purple one?"

You see, I am learning about this girly stuff gradually. It's all in the accessories.

Doh, now all I have to do is find suitable purple material and fashion it into a cape worthy of superhero status. And before Thursday, obviously.


Half Mum Half Biscuit said...

I've tagged you over at mine!

Sally said...

Thank you for that, love your posts, hope the reunion goes well.