Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Bah humbug?

I have to admit that I have been struggling to feel the spirit of Christmas this time around, instead feeling mainly a sense of panic at a seemingly insurmountable list of 'things that must be done'.

Occasionally though my gloom melts a little. Yesterday I went to pick up five year old from school after watching her school nativity in the morning. She was beaming from ear to ear when I told her how much her little sister and I had enjoyed watching her sing. I had managed to fight back the tears as I walked into the school hall for the event, but only just.

Anyway, whilst waiting in the queue outside her classroom at end of school time I noticed a Christmas 'wish tree' her class had made. Each child had written something on a piece of paper to hang on a branch. Amongst the wishes for parties, pancakes and other such things, I spotted my little girl's name. Her piece of paper had a picture of a little heart, neatly coloured in, with the words: "A heart for mummy."

Tears? Oh yes. I apologise in advance if this sounds corny, but I am truly grateful that this Christmas the words of wise five year old are helping to teach me a new meaning and depth to the word 'love'.


Ruth Goodwin said...

Love your blog Sally as I have three children of my own and can relate to lots of what you have to say. Thought you might be interested to read the blog I've just started about kids - find it at thethingsourchildrensay.blogspot. com. I'll link to yours from mine if you like? Ruthx

Ruth Goodwin said...

Everything ok Sally, not noticed you blogging for ages?! RX