Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The intangible difference between Pooh and poo.

We had a great afternoon post-school today. I felt I had been rather grouchy on the morning school run and the sun was shining so I decided a walk up to the library to exchange books would be good for all three of us. We even stopped at a cafe on the way for banana milkshake and chocolate flapjack, a Tuesday treat to keep us going up the hill.

Of course seconds after leaving the cafe both kids were whinging and I was regretting having played the trump treat cards so early - 'behave because I have just given you chocolate flapjack' just does not work in the same way as 'if you behave you can have...' (Obviously I would never stoop to such ridiculous methods of bribery. Ahem)

The walk home was lovely though, we now always include 'the fruit man' on our walks home from Town Street as the girls pick what fruit they want (their choices are not always very climate friendly I am sorry to say - although five year old went for apples today) and the owner of the greengrocer's shop always gives each girl a handful of raisins and a beaming smile. I did end up pushing both of them sitting on each others knees in our rickety pushchair for the last part of the journey, but it is downhill by then so my paltry muscles can cope just about.

At bedtime the two year old chose a Winnie the Pooh book that I have previously only read to my elder child. She has heard of Pooh bear before but clearly the idea is still quite amusing to her. I begin reading...

Two year old: "Where's the poo mummy?"
Me: "There, that's Winnie the Pooh, the bear."
Two year old: "But where's the poo though?"
Me: "It's the name of a bear, Winnie the Pooh, not an actual poo."
Five year old helps out: "You've got a Winnie in your nursery haven't you?"
Two year old sniggers: "Willy." Giggles on both sides.
Five year old, through giggles: "Winnie, not willy."
Two year old: "Maxi's got a willy."
By this point I am reluctantly giving into the giggles.
Me: "Shall I carry on reading or shall we put the light out girls?"
Both girls: "Read mummy!"
Two year old: "But where's the poo?"

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