Thursday, 19 November 2009


Pah. Clearly writing about a turn-around in three year old's sleep habits was a mistake (see previous post). Jinxed! Woke at 5am and pottered into my bed.

5am is not a proper time to be starting the day at any time but especially not on a cold and windy November day. Bleargh. Just hope I haven't started the slide back to nightly visits. It is lovely to be needed but maybe sometimes I need sleep more than I need to be needed.


Sarah said...

Sympathetic LOL, and there's also the rule about not saying anything about them having had a cold/vomiting virus for a while.

It's like the Mummy-Goddesses can hear us.

British mum to a mini Italian in Lombardia

Sarah said...

that would be

"NOT having had a cold etc...."

Sleep deprived...cannot...formulate sentences..that ..make...sense (snore)

beingmumbeingme said...

Yes I'm sticking to the things they say for now... after a rough few nights!
Looking forward to reading about your mini Italian.