Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Before I go

I know that some people have a list of things they want to do before they leave the world behind. My list is more of a 'things to be' with a few 'things to do' thrown in:

1. Learn to appreciate the things I have and not dwell on the things I have not.

2. Never hold back from saying something that could make someone happy.

3. Occasionally hold back from saying something that could make someone unhappy.

4. Stop beating myself up for things I have done wrong and learn to praise myself instead.

5. Stop counting the things I still need to do and count the things I have done instead.

6. Make time for people rather than tasks.

7. Do something nice for someone at least once a day.

8. Do something nice for me at least once in a while.

9. Get outside more.

10. Write more.


San said...

That's a great bucket list. And I like that you approach it from a standpoint of being rather than doing.

I got carried away over at my place and did the 100 Things Meme. It's rather excessive, but I had fun on the ride.

BoozleBox said...

Can I have your list? It's exactly what I need to aim for too - especially number 1 and 2. Great post.

Sally said...

Thanks San, will take a look at your list after I've had some sleep.

Boozlebox, thanks to you too. Sometimes it's hard to be positive when you've had no sleep but this time is so short I don't want to look back and wish I'd paid more attention to the little things that make us all smile.

Happy days :-)