Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Guilt: part 378b (or thereabouts)

Doh. It was a non-uniform day today at school. Unfortunately I was completely oblivious to this fact until we turned the corner at five to nine and saw hundreds of small children of the type who are lucky enough to have parents who actually read information and retain it all dressed in their favourite clothes. Oh poo. Hmm, let's try and turn it into something fun: "hey, you could be the only one in a dress like yours" yeah right, that's going to do it. No, instead the only thing that's going to work is me offering to walk back home and get another set of clothes, and then walking back up to school with them. Bleargh.

Trying not to blame anyone else for the mistake - apparently there had been a big notice on the door the night before when I hadn't been on school run duty - I gave five year old a big hug and tried not to get upset myself at her tears.

In the end she was fine, I was probably more distraught at having made such a mistake - although there were quite a few other parents in the same position as me this time so the consensus is that it hadn't been well publicised.

I was annoyed at myself though because I think I have now got into a good routine with the morning rush, remembering most of the important things on a daily basis. So far we have never been late and I reckon my morning shouting is fairly minimal these days too. So for me this mistake marks a blemish on my personal record.

Anyway when we got home later five year old wrote "I love mummy" on the back step in chalk, so she must have forgiven me for now. Hopefully.


BoozleBox said...

Guilt - I think they inject you with it when you leave the hospital with your first baby!

It sucks but I'm sure they won't be scarred for life. And if they are? Well, it'll be something to talk about in therapy!

San said...

I remember those days. Making actual mistakes in front of my children, mistakes involving my children. And somehow, they lived to tell the story. And come to think of it, so did I!

I hope you took a picture of that sidewalk chalk message. One to refer to on one of those darker days.