Tuesday, 4 November 2008

On being two

Breakfast yesterday was bran flakes by request. Once we sort the complications of what particular cutlery / bowl / type of milk etc is required the breakfast can be consumed by small child standing on chair.
Small voice says, "Mummy I've got a bran flake on my toe."
"Well, wipe it off then."
"I'm busy eating my bran flakes at the moment, you do it mummy."

Our Monday routine includes a bus ride to two year old's mini-gym 'class' at the local leisure centre after dropping five year old off at school. This week for some reason small child wanted to go right to the back of the bus, so after dumping the pushchair at the front I followed her calling out 'hold on' at every third second as we went. Found a seat, journey was fine, then time to make our way back down the bus, again the words 'hold on' passing my lips several times. The bus stops. We climb off as best we can with one person having legs not much longer than the distance between the step and the pavement and the other carrying two bags, two coats and a pushchair. It seems though that the message about holding on had finally sunk in a little too deep.
"Ok you can let go now." (We are now standing on the pavement.) "Really, let go now... Let go of the bus now. Let go..."

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