Friday, 21 November 2008


This morning two year old decided she wanted to take a lump of plasticine and a yellow plastic modelling tool to nursery. Who am I to argue with such a decision? Following the usual hustle and bustle associated with getting from the bottom of the steps inside the house to the bottom of the steps outside the house she takes up her place in the pushchair, holding said items one in each hand.

'Make me a snail mummy' she then proceeds to demand at regular intervals as we make our way to school. (You might correctly infer from that request that my modelling skills are rather underdeveloped)
'Well, I need both hands to push the pushchair just at the moment honey.'

She manages to maintain her hold on the plasticine and tool for most of the journey, with a short break for eating a clementine - at which point I am handed the precious cargo for safekeeping.

Thankfully the workers at her nursery are suitably impressed when she hands them the plasticine on arrival a short while later. They are obviously well trained in expressing delight at strange objects. Possibly there is even a special module on the average nursery training scheme aimed specifically at developing such a skill.

The journey home proves slightly more fraught as we are handed back the lump of modelling substance and the yellow tool, only to drop it en route. The sound that accompanies the tears that follow would have broken the heart of an iceberg. Fortunately it had fallen onto the bottom of the pushchair and not onto a random bit of passing pavement. Phew.

On arriving home, what is the first request? Snack? Telly? Find favourite toys? No, 'make me a snail mummy.' Irresistable really.

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