Wednesday, 22 October 2008

An average morning?

Well maybe 'average' is an unfair description of this morning, which was admittedly slightly more hectic than usual, mainly due to two year old being on the tail end of a cold and both daughters having been awake and giggling until after 9pm the night before.

Two year old was quite adamant that I did not need to go more than a foot from her in order to have a shower and was being more than a little vociferous about it, but as I hadn't washed my hair since Saturday I was pretty convinced it had to be done. So that was quite stressful. I try to adopt a 'I can't hear you when I am in the shower' attitude to my three minute indulgence but when small child reaches that kind of volume it is fairly hard to maintain.

Shower over, beginning to work on my theory that the possibility of us all being washed and dressed in time to leave for school was looking a bit far-fetched. Then I came out of the bathroom dripping to find five year old lying in my bed telling me she'd had an 'accident' (ie she'd wet the only bed in the house without waterproof bedding on it) - aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Well, why are you still lying in it then!!!!. (calm down, phew).

So now to strip the bed and her, wash her and the mattress down (it's now 7.15am)... then managed to coax both girls downstairs for breakfast, obviously with two year old glued to my hip the whole time as she was still exercising her lungs and was mostly quite grumpy. She wanted to sit on my knee in the kitchen but I was trying to prepare five year old's and my breakfast as well as my lunch at the same time... Ok so now it's 7.40, time to go back upstairs to get dressed. At this point the two year old was still attached to my hip and feeling quite sorry for herself.

Time to abandon the idea of getting younger child dressed as she was staying at home with grandparent due to illness. Washed, teeth brushed, dress elder child. Then swop my two single mattresses over so the wet one is by the window in case poorly two year old wants to sleep in my bed later. Remember to double-check I'm fully dressed as it's entirely possibly that by this point I had my pants on my head or something... put the washing on.... 8.20 all herded back downstairs for ritual searching for keys, coats, shoes, water bottles etc... 8.40 phone rings, it's mum saying "I'm stuck in traffic, it's not moving at all"... ok should still be ok I'll go in the car... 8.55 phone rings again "I'm still on the ring road" aaarrrggghh two year old is semi-naked in a pyjama top and nappy - ok so I'll meet mum at school and wrap two year old in a blanket in the car... all get in the car. Of course by this point it's peeing it down.... phew, do you want me to go on?

I suppose the end to that should be that in the end we all got where we needed to be. This evening it appears that we have brought someone else's coat home though.... hmmm tackle that one during tomorrow's hecticity.

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