Thursday, 28 October 2010

Recovering password

It's been so long since I did this that I couldn't even remember my password.

I stopped writing around the time that I started my new job, which is soon to be filed under 'previous experience' (unfortunate as I've rather enjoyed this one, hey ho). I stopped partly because the new job was rather all-consuming, but also because I'd lost my blogging way a little.

Someone said to me that they thought the title was misguiding as I mainly wrote about 'being mum' and hardly ever about 'being me'. But this confused me and set me thinking. The thing is, I am 'mum' now and that's not really a separate part of me to 'me', it simply is who I am. I don't think it would even be fair to say that it is a part of who I am because it creeps into every aspect of my life and affects my entire outlook. Are you following this?

The reasons the blog was started were many, but part of it was that I wanted to force myself to focus on the good things as I dug myself out of a rather large black hole. Like many people on the steep approach to the big 4 - 0 I suppose I was feeling that life hadn't really turned out the way I'd thought it might. I'm sure this doesn't only apply to people finding themselves in the role of single parent, but that particular role does mean that there's not a great deal of time for all this introspection malarkey, nor is there much time for sleep and that can make it all the more difficult to fight off black clouds.

Now I think it is time to start writing again, I just hope I can find something to say that makes you want to read again.

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John Millward said...

Welcome back Sally. I did my first post in a year yesterday. I feel I have something to say again and I'm sure you do to!